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“Without questions, there is no learning.”
- W. Edwards Deming

A key element to designing the best space for a client is asking questions. How many people are in your family? How often do you entertain? What type of recycling do you do? Where do you feed your pet? Do you have a tall crab pot? What size is your largest ladle or skimmer? Do you need a lowered countertop for kneading dough?

But oftentimes, clients also have questions for our team here at K&BV. If you don’t see your question below, please contact us today – we would be happy to help.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our showroom is open weekdays from 9am through 5pm and walk-ins are welcome. In most situations, a member of our design team will be available to speak with you but if you would like to schedule a more comprehensive consultation with a designer, we recommend making an appointment in advance.

Our showroom displays a wide range of vanity options for our clients who have retained K&BV to do their bathroom remodel. The vanities are ordered to their specifications and our team installs the sink and countertop as part of that renovation project. We do not sell individual vanities to the public.

Absolutely not! The first step in our process is to speak with someone over the phone and discuss your project – the timing, the scope and the budget. Subsequent to that, a member of our design and sales team will schedule an in-home consultation where we take photos, measurements and gather more structural, electrical and plumbing details. Within a week to ten days, you can expect to receive a quote and, in many cases, a 3D render of the design. All of this is free of charge.

We do not offer kitchen appliances nor do we supply them as part of a kitchen renovation, but we can recommend different appliance showroom locations where you can purchase your appliances. We will require that your appliances be purchased BEFORE we sign contracts for your kitchen remodel.

No. We are licensed in New Jersey and work primarily in Bergen County, although we do have NJ clients in other counties as well.

In a kitchen remodel, we include everything: demolition, construction, insulation, flooring, sheetrock, electrical, plumbing, cabinetry, countertops, backsplash and appliance hook-ups. We do NOT paint, nor do we provide appliances, sinks, faucets or decorative light fixtures (i.e., pendant lighting) but we will guide homeowners as to sizing and features and we will install what they purchase.

In a bathroom remodel, we include everything: demolition, construction, insulation, sheetrock, tiles, electrical, plumbing, plumbing fixtures, vanities, countertops, medicine cabinets, linen closets and shower enclosures. We do NOT paint nor do we provide decorative light fixtures (i.e., sconces) but we will guide homeowners and will install what they purchase.

Our installation team are full-time K&BV employees as well as licensed sub-contractors with whom we have had working relationships for ten to twenty plus years. We do not send tradespeople to your home unless we have had experience with them and can vouch for the quality of their work. We do not use day labor.

We carry more Liability and Worker’s Compensation coverage than is required by the State of New Jersey for a combined $3 million.

From demolition day to final hook-ups, a kitchen renovation typically takes 4-6 weeks while a bathroom remodel is 3-4 weeks. If the bathroom renovation is for the only full bathroom in the home, we make every effort to expedite that process. These timeframes shouldn’t imply that you will be without use of the room for the entire project but it’s safe to assume that we will still need access to the home during that time.

Most of our clients remain in the home during a remodel although some opt to stay with friends, family or at a second home.

If you watch HGTV, a kitchen remodel can be $15k (and finished in four days!) although the HGTV website recently shared Remodeling Magazine’s annual Cost vs. Value report for 2022 which puts the national average for a midrange major kitchen remodel at $80,809 which is much more realistic.

Here in Bergen County with K&BV, a simple “rip & replace” kitchen where no plumbing or electrical is moved but everything is replaced will generally start at $35k. However, most people are now removing walls to dining rooms and opening up their kitchens which then shifts the pricing above $40k with an average remodel of a 10x10 kitchen being about $48k and slightly larger kitchens in the $55k-$80k range. Of course, we also have our more deluxe kitchens which tend to be much larger in size and/or more customized in selections - those will fall in the $90k-$150k range.

If you look online, Home Depot provides a guideline for pricing – they say a Powder Room is $5-$10k, Standard Bathroom at $14-$20k and a Primary/Master Bath at $30k+ (these are national averages using Home Depot materials and installers).

But a real-life Bergen County standard bathroom remodel using Kohler fixtures and a wider selection of tile options is a different story. With a true K&BV “rip & replace” full bathroom refresher where no plumbing or electrical is moved, we generally start at $25k although we offer special package deals with more limited options at $20k. A much larger Primary/Master Bath renovation tends to start at $45k. For more information, see our Knowledge Center article “Budgeting for a Bathroom Renovation”

For a typical kitchen remodel, payments will be scheduled throughout the project similar to the following (bathrooms have less):

  • Retainer (at Design Review & Retainer Meeting) – this is a deposit, not a separate fee
  • Deposit (at Contract Signing)
  • Payment 1 (upon Demolition and Rough Plumbing/Electrical)
  • Payment 2 (upon Flooring)
  • Payment 3 (upon Cabinetry delivery)
  • Payment 4 (upon substantial Cabinetry installation)
  • Payment 5 (upon Countertop delivery)
  • Payment 6 (upon Appliance Hookups)

We offer one year warranty on labor and the manufacturer’s warranty on materials, which for all cabinetry lines that we offer is a lifetime limited warranty.

Kitchen & Bath Vision (formerly Kitchen Vision) has enjoyed being part of the Oradell community for over twenty-five years.

We do not currently provide financing options but a quick search online can give you the best rated options, terms and rates for remodeling loans.

No. Our projects meet deadlines most efficiently when we add one of our lockboxes to your home.

Soffits are not required and, in many cases, they are purely decorative with nothing inside. In some instances, they may have plumbing or electrical inside.

Many of our clients come to us asking to remove their soffits and extend the cabinetry/moulding to the ceiling. To avoid surprises down the road, once our services have been retained, we will often ask to open up a portion of the soffit to confirm what is inside and prepare accordingly.

Our projects meet deadlines most effectively when our team is doing all the work – we can schedule their time, manage changes to the schedule and be responsible for the quality of the work. When a tradesperson that we have never worked with is substituted into the project timeline, we relinquish some of that responsibility and it is not our preference. Having said that, we understand that if you have a family member in the trades and can save on that piece of the project, we will accommodate that as long as the quality and timing of the work performed meets our standards.

To keep the project running on schedule, it is best if you can identify a bathroom for our tradespeople to use when they are working at your home. No port-a-john will be delivered to your jobsite unless specifically requested by the client and included in the contract.

Our installation team will often bring their own lunches or go out to get lunch, but, of course, offering a snack or beverage is always welcomed.

Our design team here at K&BV has many years of experience helping clients select combinations that pair well together. In a kitchen remodel, we will typically start with the cabinetry and branch off to new flooring, countertops and backsplash tile based on the prior selections. Throughout the process, as you are narrowing down options, we will encourage you to take the samples home and test them in morning, afternoon and evening light – that’s the best way to know that something will fit your style.

When there is a load-bearing wall that a client would like removed or reduced, we offer a few different options available at different price points. Depending on the size of the wall, the simplest solution is to replace the wall studs with a header running across where the wall had been and add supports either at the ends or toward the center of the span. The header can be encased with sheetrock or take on a more rustic wood look. But your new kitchen design may not want to incorporate a header that drops down below the ceiling – in that case, a flush header can be installed and while it won’t be visible, it will most likely still require support at the ends. When it comes to structural loads, depending on the situation, we may also recommend engaging a licensed architect with whom we have partnered for many years.

With so many people opening up their kitchens to the adjoining dining room or family room, we are often asked whether or not it’s okay to carry through the wood flooring in both locations, creating a more seamless appearance. The short answer is “yes” and it’s quite common for our wood floor professional to do just that, weaving in the new boards so that there is no visible line or transition. Refinishing the floors then ensures a consistent color throughout.

But what about the water? Yes, there is more water likely to be on your kitchen floor than in the family room or dining room, for sure, but with the proper top coat and quick clean-ups, it should not be a concern. Sitting water isn’t good for anyone! Some clients will use a throw rug by the sink/dishwasher and even in front of the fridge/ice dispenser where spills may be more common. But if you are concerned, there ARE luxury vinyl plank (LVP) and tile options that give a beautiful wood look as well. Typically we wouldn’t try to match the existing wood but, instead, find a shade and style that pairs well.

This is why you come to us! Our experience design team can meet with you and determine the best configuration to align with your family and how you use the space. Everyone wants an island but each space is different and oftentimes a peninsula is the better solution given the kitchen dimensions and locations of the appliances.

There will not be a dumpster on the premises. We will remove any debris from the worksite in black bags and leave the work area swept each day.

We are so grateful to our clients who continue to share our name and their K&BV experience with others. In fact, to recognize that, in 2022 we rolled out our K&BV Friends and Family Referral Program to put cash back in the pockets of those clients whose friends or family members end up doing a remodel with us. Simply tell your friend to mention your name when they call or email us and once their project is complete, we will reward you with a check mailed to your home.

We can – and we do. Much of the cabinetry used in home offices is provided by the same cabinetry lines that we use in kitchens and baths.

Yes and yes. When you meet with a K&BV Designer, they will ask you about the possibility of performing both projects at the same time and, if your family can accommodate it, there is certainly a financial benefit. If our plumber or electrician doesn’t have to make two trips but can work on two projects the same day, there’s absolutely an impact to the bottom line.

Many of our clients approach us with an elderly parent having moved back into their home, looking for a full bathroom renovation that will support the aging process. Those types of renovations will include grab bars, shower benches, handheld shower heads as well as walker or wheelchair accessible curbless showers.

Absolutely! Just follow these instructions. “How To Write A Google Review Without A Gmail Account”

When most consumers search for a business online, results will return ratings from Google, Yelp and whichever other sites the business has set up to collect reviews (Houzz, Facebook, Angi/Home Advisor). As most people would expect, Google generates that score by averaging the ratings from all reviewers. Yelp doesn’t do that; they use a proprietary algorithm to “weed out” what they believe are fake or solicited reviews and not use them in the overall rating. The ignored reviews are pushed to the bottom of the page in the “Other Reviews That Are Not Currently Recommended” tab. We prefer our clients leave reviews on Google – where every voice and experience counts.