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“How a designer can avoid bad bathroom decisions.”

Jun 14, 2019

Working on remodeling your bathroom?

Remodeling can be an exciting process as a homeowner, but with that excitement comes the stress and pressure to make informed decisions that will affect the look of your home for decades to come. Starting out with the bathroom helps most homeowners to budget the rest of their home’s layout, and avoiding these common design blunders can help you be happier with your bathroom for the long run:

Don’t make it windowless: A dark bathroom with no natural light or air circulation is not an enjoyable look or feel. If you are building or relocating a bathroom, make sure to place it on an outside wall with windows, or even installing a skylight to allow fresh air and natural light that is needed to provide comfort to your new bathroom.

Do not make the toilet the centerpiece: Whenever possible, avoid making the toilet the first thing a person sees when entering the bathroom. If it’s feasible, your design should allow people to use the bathroom simultaneously such as one person to shower while the other gets ready by the sink, giving greater functionality to the bathroom.

Don’t put beauty before function: When designing your dream bathroom layout, a homeowner can get easily swept up in the look of the bathroom and disregard the essential functions required as well. This is a common and big mistake, as your bathroom should first and foremost be easy and comfortable to use. You will forget about how beautiful the bathroom looks when you’re bumping right into the sink as you attempt to get out of the shower. Put safety, accessibility and comfort before luxury.

Bigger CAN be better: Your lifestyle may change overtime, such as a significant other moving into your home or having children. Because of this, you do not want your original design to be small; always think big, ahead of time.

A great bathroom is less about how it looks and more about how it feels and works in your home. Functionality should be high, safety hazards should be low, and above all, ensure that your money is being put to good use. Your bathroom should be well designed, water-resistant and easy on the eyes.