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Make the most of small spaces

Jan 28, 2019


Though we all may dream of a big sprawling kitchen with super sized everything or a bathroom with a big soaking tub, the reality is that we may not be able to expand our homes.  Working within the current four walls does not need to be a hardship. Focusing on the current footprint doesn't mean we can't move things around or make design choices to maximize space.

Here are a few things to consider when upgrading a smaller kitchen:

1.) Maximize the wall space.  First I would recommend a kitchen designer from Kitchen & Bath Vision LLC to help you design a well functioning kitchen.  Important things that will improve your kitchen will start with soffits being removed so that the cabinets can go up to the ceiling.  Other important items are pullouts, large drawers for pots & pans, utensil & cutlery drawers, a spice pull out, garbage & recycling pull outs, all among other recommended items.

2.) Appliances are sometimes a struggle.  To start off with you will want to choose a refrigerator that is counter depth, use a range instead of a cooktop & wall oven to gain more cabinet space.  If you are looking for a sleek look with less appliances exposed remember you can get panels for the dishwasher and refrigerator to match your cabinets.

3.) Lighting is one of the most important items in the kitchen!  You can put recessed lights throughout your kitchen to keep the kitchen bright.  Undercabinet lights will enhance your counter especially at night. You can put decorative pendant lights over the sink area & island or peninsula to complete the kitchen.

For Bathrooms consider:

1.) Vanities with pull outs to hold everything with easy access to the things that get lost in the back of your vanity.  If your really tight on space you can do a wall cabinet that is cut back to 6"-8" deep for extra storage.

2.) In the bath/shower niches are a sleek look.  A niche is built into the bath/shower wall with shelves to store all of your shower or bath needs.  Shower and bath enclosures come in many varieties with frames or completely frameless with many different hardware finishes.  Enclosures will make your room look larger and you will be showing off your tile work.

3.) Mirrors in the bathroom can be a dramatic statement or a sleek look.  Since we are concentrating on small spaces my suggestion would be is to go with a recessed medicine cabinet for extra storage and a clean look.  Other options if storage is not an issue would be to go with a decorative mirror that you can pick up at any local store or one of the many online choices.

Always have a design plan in place that matches your Kitchen & Bath Vision.

Sometimes the simplest changes will give your kitchen & bath more space!