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Must have entertainment features for your kitchen

Oct 31, 2019


Upgrading your kitchen can sometimes go beyond replacing the appliances or picking out a new countertop. You can also upgrade your kitchen by adding fun entertainment features! With the holiday season fast approaching, now is a great time to upgrade your tools and kitchen gear for hosting events, parties or just bringing an element of fun to your everyday kitchen needs. Whatever the reason, Kitchen and Bath Vision is here to help!


Kitchen and Bath vision recommends these items for your consideration when looking to add entertainment features to your kitchen: 


Kitchen Island: The kitchen island is a high necessity if you want to have a great entertainment kitchen. Kitchen islands are beautiful, convenient, and great for cooking and eating with your guests at. That extra counter space is a perfect spot to place appetizers and drinks for you and your guests to eat, drink and converse over. Kitchen islands can also provide extra storage space for you kitchen tools and appliances--it’s fun and functional!

Wine Fridge: Having a wine fridge in your kitchen adds an appealing look and helps properly store your wine bottles! Regular refrigerators run too cold and keeping wine in your cabinets would be too warm. A small wine fridge--maybe even attached to the bottom of your kitchen island--will keep your wine stored at the perfect temperature in a convenient location. 

Cutting Board Counters: Having a cutting board countertop, also known as a “Butcher-block” countertop, can turn a kitchen into a cooking paradise with food prep use and eye-appeal. Wood is a timeless look that works with most modern kitchens, and if you happen to scratch, stain or wear down the wood cutting counter you can simply sand down the damage away! 


Contact Kitchen and Bath Vision today to get going on upgrading your kitchen entertainment features!