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What makes a bathroom POP?

Oct 17, 2018

Bathrooms are essential and yes it’s the most used room in the house….  So why don’t we make it a room that has a little more flair? You are thinking really…. “flair” for a bathroom?  Is that even possible…. Well it definitely is when you make some simple design decisions when building or renovating your bathroom.  Regardless of the size of your bathroom, design upgrades can be made within any budget.

Here are a few things to consider when looking to make your bathroom pop...:

1).  Pairing a unique tub with beautiful tile will define the style for the room.  Tiles are a protective shield that is necessary but can also be appealing as it ties the room together.  Colors and styles are limitless and you can easily set the stage for the decor you choose.

2).  Mirrors and vanities prove your space is the fairest of them all.  This essential room we use every day is often also the smallest room in the home.  Utilizing proper vanity space will declutter as it brings a level of style and functionality into the room.   Mirrors are essential as they brighten up any size space. Options are endless and can change the entire aura of the room.

3).  Fixtures and lighting are the perfect jewels to complete a bathroom.  Bathroom fixtures now come in so many functional variations it can be hard to chose.  Look for ones that make sense for your home and then pick a style and finish that works with all the other bathroom, components. Lighting should also match the finishing style. For a quick remodel, update fixtures and lighting for an exciting new look.

Always have a design plan in place that matches your Kitchen & Bath Vision.  

Sometimes the simplest changes will give your bathroom the biggest flair!!!