Our Process

“If you can’t describe what you are doing as a process, you don’t know what you are doing.”
- W. Edwards Deming

Over the years, we have honed our approach to ensure all clients experience a well-managed remodel that remains on-schedule and on-budget. Our process is highlighted below with details about what is included in each stage.

Familiarizing clients with all steps in the project before we start helps to set expectations and build trust. Just like you, we prefer no surprises.

Our 10 Steps

Projects begin when a client first stops into our showroom or reaches out to us by phone, email or through social media. That initial conversation with a member of our Design Team will confirm that our goals are aligned and then from that point, most remodels will follow the process below.

1. In-Home Measure

Whether you walk into our showroom or we speak on the phone, we will most likely start with having someone come to your home to measure and take photos. This is a no-obligation complimentary appointment which you can expect to last about an hour for a kitchen (usually less for a bathroom).

2. Initial Design & Quote

Once we have the measurements and have spoken with you about what you are looking to do in the space, we will return to the showroom and get to work. Our experienced Design Team collaborates on every client with consideration given to aesthetics, budget, workflow and local construction codes. Your Designer will prepare a quote for your proposed design and email it to you, often accompanied by a realistic 3D color render.

3. Design Review

If you like our proposal and want to learn more, we will meet for a Design Review & Retainer Meeting in the showroom where we will present a detailed walkthrough of your new space on the large screen, including possible cost-saving alternatives. At that point, if you want to move forward with K&BV and have your Designer begin personalizing your layout, we will collect a nominal retainer. This deposit is applied against your project total and is not a separate fee.

4. Personalization

Your Designer will partner with you on every aspect of the remodel, making recommendations, assisting with selections and ensuring that we address the little details which are often overlooked. In a kitchen renovation, we consider clearances, storage solutions, your Work Triangle, pet feeding, unloading dishwashers, homework areas, drop zones, small appliance sizes, crab pots, large ladles…and the list goes on. For a bathroom remodel, we will get even more personal with a few topics. But all of this helps us design a space that works best for your lifestyle.

5. Appliances

All kitchen appliances will need to be selected and ordered by a client before we go to contract. Availability and lead times should be taken into consideration before you purchase your appliances. We will always review the appliance specifications to confirm clearances and make sure that the design supports your selections.

6. Measure Confirmation

Once the design is stable, we will have our Field Manager visit your home to confirm measurements for a second time. Since the field manager will have the design in hand, he can confirm that everything will work as planned.

7. Selections

Your Designer will help you navigate the selection process which, for many people, can feel overwhelming. For a kitchen renovation, this will include cabinetry (door style, material, finish), hardware (knobs/pulls), countertops, backsplash and flooring as well as some items that you will purchase yourself but may want guidance on selecting such as the sink(s), faucet(s), seating and decorative light fixtures. For a bathroom remodel, selections will include sink(s), faucet(s), tub, tile, vanity cabinet, hardware, countertops, mirrors, medicine cabinets, shower enclosures and accessories.

8. Contract Signing

Once all your selections have been made, your appliances ordered and the design confirmed, it’s time to sign contracts and pay the next deposit. This typically takes place about three weeks after our services are retained although some clients are shorter and others longer.

9. Scheduling

The start of a project usually depends on the estimated arrival of the cabinetry and the scope of the work being performed. If permits are needed, we can complete the applications and provide the required documentation to your town although the homeowners will always need to be present for inspections.

10. Demo & Installation

Most projects start off with demolition, where we cart away all debris from your home (we do not use dumpsters) and prep the space for construction. Then installation begins and the K&BV team of trade professionals will be in your home on varying days and at different times. Our Customer Service Team will manage the scheduling and notify you in advance. For your convenience and since there will not be a K&BV team member in your home for eight hours every single day, we use our own lockboxes to ensure access and security.

Although we prefer none, occasionally there may be an unexpected surprise found after opening up the walls, floors or ceiling. If we encounter an unplanned situation, we will review it with you and provide the impact to timing and cost as well as the risks you may face if it is not remedied. We want our clients to be fully informed before approving any additional work.

The duration of this phase of the project varies, depending on the complexity of the job, the availability of materials, inspections and unplanned situations. Typically, a bathroom remodel averages 3-4 weeks from demo to completion and a kitchen remodel will be 4-6 weeks.