“Good food depends almost entirely on good ingredients.”
- Alice Waters

A high-quality kitchen or bathroom remodel depends not only on the expertise of the designers and installers but also on the quality of the products used. Our brand partners offer a comprehensive range of styles, sizes and finishes and our network of suppliers are able to ensure availability within the project timeframe.

Our showroom displays a wide variety of these products for our clients to consider when working with K&BV on their remodel.

Cabinetry Lines

Kitchen & Bath Vision offers a comprehensive variety of stock, semi-custom and custom cabinet lines to fit a wide range of design needs and client budgets. As can be expected, the more customization that is offered (i.e., cabinetry sizes, door styles, materials, finishes & decorative features), the longer the lead times and the higher the price. All the cabinetry we offer feature plywood box construction, soft-close doors and drawers, BLUM hinges and dovetailed joinery on drawers. Visit our showroom, talk to a designer and see what differentiates these manufacturers.

Massachusetts Design
Bridgewood Cabinetry
Plain Fancy Cabinetry
Stanisci Design

Storage Features

It’s not only the quality and look of the cabinetry that matters, it’s also those organization features inside each cabinet which can add efficiency and value to your everyday life. If a cabinet manufacturer doesn’t offer a specific item, our team is able to easily source and install after-market solutions on the jobsite.

Richelieu Hardware
Rev a Shelf


K&BV partners with a local fabricator to offer an extensive collection of countertop materials. Natural stones like quartzite and granite are great for kitchen countertops since they readily manage hot items, are stain resistant and only require annual sealant to be applied. Marble, since it is softer, is a better fit for bathroom vanities. Since each slab is different, natural stones are selected at the fabrication yard and set aside for a client. Manufactured stones like quartz are currently very popular as countertops since they have similar properties to natural stone but don’t require sealing. Once you select a specific style of quartz, each slab will be identical so there is no need to have to select one in person. This consistency is what keeps quartz as the top choice for kitchen countertops.

Natural Stone
Sile Stone
Reliance Stones
LX Hausys

Tiles & Flooring

Whether it’s a kitchen or a bathroom, your remodel is likely to include tile, flooring or both. Our showroom has a limited number of samples in stock that we can show you but often our clients want to see more options. As your Designer better understands your preferences, they will help you filter through all you see online and in showrooms and get you to the right place. In the case of wood flooring, we have a subcontractor who has been partnering with us for many years and will be folded into the project.

Wayne Tile
Tile Shop
Tile Bar

Fixtures & Accessories

There are an unlimited number of choices when it comes to these types of selections and there is no one right or wrong brand to use so personal preference and budget tend to drive the decision making process. We will provide your initial quote using allotments for many of these items but will adjust accordingly, as you make your final selections. We will not go to contract without confirming that your selections are all available within the targeted project timeline.

Signature Hardware
Sophia Medicine Cabinets
Top Knobs